Posted: 9:18 am on 23rd October 2013

Earlier this year, WasteWatch brought you news of a popular mobile app from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which you paid for, whether you wanted to or not.

The game is called “Run That Town,” and it lets punters take control of any neighbourhood in Australia, and make planning decisions based on 2011 Census information. Mr Bumbles-in-training are rewarded with ticker-tape parades, or chased out of town by a lynch mob, depending on their decisions.

WasteWatch wasn’t able to find a price-tag for the game when we last wrote, but it has since come to light: $27,516.50.

But that’s not all!

Having spent over $25,000 of your money on a mobile app that they give away for free, the ABS has worked up a good head of steam, so they recently signed a contract with a Sydney-based advertising firm to conduct an advertising campaign for “Run That Town”!

$30,000 later, more Australians will realise that they can plan casinos and theme parks in some poor sucker’s backyard, all at taxpayer expense! Wait, that sounds like being a politician…

At least the ABS can be sure they won’t be getting any ticker-tape parades from WasteWatch.

William Shrubb, Research Assistant, WasteWatch

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