Posted: 12:56 pm on 10th January 2014

movie compA while ago now, WasteWatch brought you the news that you, dear reader, were subsidising Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby to the tune of $80 million.

It seems the federal government’s taste for film hasn’t abated with the new year. It’s just broadened its horizons.

Just before Christmas last year, a $30,000 contract appeared for a lucky Canberran studio for the “development of two animated YouTube videos” on behalf of… wait for it… the Australian Taxation Office.

WasteWatch can’t wait for the offerings from this new entrant in the Australian film and TV industry.

Of course, the ATO has a proud YouTube history behind it already.

Highlights include ‘Millie from next door’ giving her neighbours some pointers on fuel tax credits, or Kate, who starred in the creepily-Stasi-like video, dobbing in her local tradie as a tax fraud.

How can the new videos possibly top these gems of the Australian screen? What genius did the $30,000 of your money buy?

A Wallace and Gromit parody on the impact on your low-value pool deduction of choosing the prime cost method over the diminishing cost method?

Buzz Lightyear takes on franking credits from franked dividends?

Mufasa tries to explain to Simba what the ATO means when they tell you to write the total deductible amount you have from balancing adjustment events on the disposal of intangible depreciating assets that occurred this income year, except where you may have allocated any assets with a cost of less than $1,000 to a low-value pool?

WasteWatch smells an Oscar in the offing…

William Shrubb, Research Assistant, WasteWatch

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