Posted: 4:00 pm on 14th May 2014

darling_harbour_08Sydney WasteWatchers will be familiar with Darling Harbour and its recent infestation of balloons.

These enormous 20-foot high balloons on the sides of random buildings—which spell out various imperatives like EAT, DANCE, or SHOP—are one manifestation of Darling Habour’s new “inflatable brand identity,” courtesy of international brand consultancy Interbrand.

According to David Storey, the general manager of the Sydney office of Interbrand:

This isn’t just about a new brand identity, but a strategic activation plan that will improve the Darling Harbour experience for everyone.

Of course, that’s what’s been wrong with Darling Harbour for all these years: Not enough balloons!

Anyway, Interbrand seems to have satisfied the NSW Government’s expectations, because another contract has just been signed to create some “brand style guidelines” and an “identity system” for the Rocks precinct.

This one will set the NSW taxpayer back $280,000.

That’s a lot of balloons.

WasteWatch suggests that perhaps the NSW Government could send a bored backbencher to pick up some novelty balloons for $30 each, and save the taxpayer tens of thousands of dollars.

William Shrubb, Research Assistant

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