Posted: 10:27 am on 28th January 2015


Government advertising costs have always been one of WasteWatch’s bugbears.

Finally,  it seems we’re not alone!

Last week Fairfax Media broke the news that the federal government’s higher education advertising campaign is set to cost taxpayers twice as much as previous estimates:

“The total budget for the campaign was revealed by Auditor-General Ian McPhee following complaints by independent Senator Nick Xenophon and Labor’s higher education spokesman, Kim Carr.

The Department of Education and Training advised Mr McPhee that the government had budgeted $14.6 million for the campaign.

This includes $9.5 million on media placements, $2.3 million on creative development and $1.3 million on the campaign website, excluding GST.”

The article quotes Senator Xenophon:

“This was an absolute waste of taxpayer funds – both sides of politics do it when they are in power. It should be illegal to spend taxpayer money promoting legislation that has not passed through Parliament.”

Hear, hear!

Read more here, and check out WasteWatch’s other stories on government advertising costs here.

William Shrubb

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