Posted: 9:13 am on 3rd March 2014

money-airWasteWatch’s recent post on the half-a-million-dollar AIS logo caught the attention of a few undercover WasteWatch agents.

According to these sleuths, the AIS saga isn’t nearly as uncommon as the Australian taxpayer might wish.

For example, the new(ish) Centrelink logo — replaced during the Rudd-Gillard government’s tenure — cost over $4.6 million of your money.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s more.

Remember the $6.6 million of your money spent on decking out staff at Sydney train stations in orange rather than blue?

It turns out that was only part of the story of the change from CityRail to Sydney Trains.

The new NSW Transport logo set the NSW taxpayer back over $1 million, including $600,000 for design and development, and a further $630,000 for market research.

Let us know if you have any other examples!

William Shrubb, Research Assistant

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