Posted: 10:19 am on 11th February 2014

AIS_logoGovernment expenditure on Australian sport is a familiar demon for WasteWatch.

This latest example of sports waste almost outdoes all the others though.

It turns out the Australian Institute of Sport has spent half a million dollars of taxpayer money on five little squiggly lines.

Don’t worry though, because these five little squiggly lines constitute the “dynamic” new logo of the AIS, and, according to Australian Sports Commission head Simon Hollingsworth, will:

generate significantly more revenue for the AIS, which will then be invested back into sport.

The real kicker for WasteWatch is Mr Hollingsworth’s plaintive response to complaints about the ridiculous cost of the new logo:

In the scheme of total investment in Australian sport, this cost is quite a small one.

You know what they say: half a million here for a logo, half a million there for a logo; sooner or later it starts to add up to real money.

Your tax dollars at work!

Orm Cooper says:

Your article makes a strong case for AIS students to pay HECS, like all other tertiary students.

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