Posted: 4:30 pm on 23rd April 2014

movie compWasteWatch has already told you all about the Australian Taxation Office’s long and proud YouTube history, including its recent attempt to beat Leonardo DiCaprio to an Oscar.

It seems the ATO hasn’t taken the hint from its shut-out at this year’s Academy Awards.

It recently forked out nearly $50,000 of your money for this rip-snorter of a video on the cash economy, hosted by television presenter David Koch.

Melanie Perkins, the CEO of Canva, and Derek Laney, a director at Salesforce, look riveted as they sit silently by for the entire duration of Kochie’s chinwag with ATO Senior Assistant Commissioner Michael Hardy.

Perhaps they’ll have more of an involvement with the rest of the campaign. And there will be a “rest of the campaign.” When did a government ever stop at one measly YouTube video?

The ATO is spending another $88,000 of your money on advertising about the cash economy.

Perhaps this is a step up from the ATO’s previous attempts to grapple with the problem, though. Back in 2006, some lucky ATO investigators were forced to attend a few of Sydney’s most prestigious pole dancing institutions, in an attempt to gauge the impact of the cash economy. Uh-huh, sure.

William Shrubb, Research Assistant

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