Posted: 3:00 pm on 30th July 2014

money-airRemember when WasteWatch told you about Sydney’s Rocks district’s $280,000 make-over?

Just two and a half months after that original contract, which was to create some “style guidelines” and an “identity system” for the district, another contract worth nearly $200,000 was awarded to another company “to deliver a long term vision and ideas for refreshing The Rocks, Sydney.”

Is this supposed to be different from the first contract?

Or did the NSW government awake from its brief (taxpayer-funded) balloon fantasy with a sour taste in its mouth?

All WasteWatch knows is that NSW pollies should now have plenty of guidelines and identities and visions and ideas for the 200 square metres that is the Rocks district.

And it only cost about $473,000 of taxpayer money, or $2365 per square metre! What a steal.

Now they can get around to generating some visions and ideas for the remaining 809,443.8 square kilometres of the state.

Based on available evidence, that should only cost a touch over $1.9 quadrillion.

William Shrubb, Research Assistant

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