Posted: 9:00 am on 1st May 2014


The Murray-Darling Basin Authority¬†has just spent $10,000 of your money¬†“finalising” a mobile phone game app called “Run the River.”

Gamers must try to manage the waterflow of the Murray-Darling system, taking into account all the competing demands of different stakeholders.

According to Simon Birmingham, Liberal Senator from South Australia and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment, the game “very much reflects the challenges we face in the Murray-Darling Basin.”

Indeed, it seems like the game is designed to show you just how hard the Authority’s job is. The Murray Valley Standard writes:

Do you think you could run the river system better than the Murray-Darling Basin Authority?

The answer from the game’s intended audience of primary schoolers is clearly meant to be: “No.” With perhaps the tacit addendum: “Of course you can’t. So ease up on criticising us.”

Can it be that the Authority has spent $10,000 “finalising” a mobile phone game app designed to garner sympathy for itself?

WasteWatch wonders how much the rest of the process cost.

William Shrubb, Research Assistant

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