Posted: 9:00 am on 9th July 2014

ParklifeDo you know what a Pnau is?

Do you think Chet Faker is a misspelling?

Thought you learnt everything worth knowing about British Sea Power in your high school history classes?

Chances are, then, you’ve never been to the Splendour in the Grass music festival.

Chances are, you probably haven’t even heard of it.

But you’ve paid for it.

See, the festival was set up by two music companies in 2001, to take advantage of Australia’s comparatively empty winter festival schedule. Apparently¬†the promoters walk away with around $4-5 million in profit each year.

So it’s a big deal, and a lot of people want to get on board. For example, each year, the festival attracts sponsorship from major companies such as Smirnoff, Contiki, Spotify, and Moet & Chandon.

But it turns out the festival also receives sponsorship from you, the taxpayer.

See, back in 2011, the Australian Bureau of Statistics gave $44,000 of your money to the festival.

Not wanting to be left out, the Australian Electoral Commission coughed up a further $37,000 in 2013.

Perhaps it’s time to dust off those ear plugs, gather your picnic rug, and see what all the kids are on about. After all, you’re paying for it!

William Shrubb, Research Assistant

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