Posted: 9:16 am on 21st October 2013

beerA few weeks ago, WasteWatch went through a few weird and wonderful ARC grants.

For example, you may remember one of them was a ‘naturalistic’ driving study, “a revolutionary new approach [that] will investigate what people actually do when they drive.”

Now it seems the Federal Government has hit on another winner.

Although not an ARC program, the Government recently gave $451 000 of your money to a market research company in Perth.

The money was for what was delicately referred to as:

Undertak[ing] formative research for the National Binge Drinking Strategy.

A former Deputy Prime Minister of this country got into trouble a few months ago for bending an Albo down at the pub with embattled  former Labor MP Craig Thomson.

Perhaps Tony Abbott and his new government could simply ask their mates across the aisle for some ‘formative research’ into the Australian drinking culture.

Oh well, lucky Perth market research company.

WasteWatch wonders if the staff Christmas party counts as ‘formative research’…

William Shrubb, Research Assistant, WasteWatch

The Nanny-State, Episode IV | CIS Waste Watch says:

[…] there was the $451,000¬†contract for one lucky Perth company to have a few beers at the taxpayer’s […]

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