Posted: 10:16 am on 30th January 2015


Remember the recent $183,000 of your money the Australian Research Council gave to one lucky academic to study China’s rural migrant workers, in order to “demonstrate unequivocally that love and romance are far from ‘trivial’ for these individuals”?

It seems the ARC has long had a curious interest in our great northern neighbour.

However, two projects from back in 2009 indicate that the ARC may not have taken its responsibility to support projects with “cultural, economic, social and environmental benefits for all Australians” very seriously back then either!

The first handout, a $133,514 study entitled  Governing Prostitution in the People’s Republic of Chinamaintained it would produce “the first detailed study of the governmental regulation  of prostitution in present day China.”

Phew! We were definitely missing that. Who needs improved infrastructure and safer roads, when you can have your tax dollars spent on learning how President Xi governs and regulates prostitution?

The project also aimed to “position Australian research at the international forefront of this field,” so we can expect plenty more taxpayer-funded prostitution ‘research’ in the future.

It reminds WasteWatch of the Australian Taxation Office’s famous taxpayer-funded visits to some of Sydney’s most prestigious pole-dancing establishments.

The second ARC study cost a mere $246,000 of your money. Entitled Being famous in China: Celebrities,  Heroes and public figures, it aimed to study the “mechanisms by which celebrity and fame have been performed and mobilised,” and promised to produce “a foundation upon which a more global conception of celebrity can be developed.”

A priority of the Australian electorate, we’re sure!

Alex Russell

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