Posted: 3:17 pm on 19th November 2014


The Australian Research Council (ARC) recently released details of their funding for Discovery Projects.

The University of Sydney scored big.

Funding included $100,869 over three years for one researcher to produce ‘a comparative cultural history of time,’ and to consider how ‘temporality’ has been represented in literature from the Middle Ages to the present.

Another researcher was awarded a massive $179,700 over three years to ponder the ‘political and religious use of the concept of concord among humanists, philosophers, theologians, poets and political writers during the fourteenth and the fifteenth century in the Italian peninsula.’

The ARC aims to produce ‘cultural, economic, social and environmental benefits to all Australians.’ All Australians? The market for comparative cultural histories of time probably isn’t quite that broad. Sounds like a waste of temporality—or at least a waste of taxpayer dollars.

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