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The Australian Research Council is a pretty fertile hunting-ground for WasteWatch.

The ARC have just released the details of their latest round of Discovery Project grants, which are designed to “deliver cultural, economic, social and environmental benefits to all Australians.”

Sometimes this aspiration seems to be, as Hamlet said, more honoured in the breach than the observance.

Of course, most of the projects deliver benefits to someone.

For example, sensitive and single high school boys around the nation will no doubt be thrilled by the $154,000 investigation by two philosophy professors into that age-old question: do “nice guys finish last”? Their “empirical investigation of the circumstances in which moral behaviour can have harmful side-effects” will give lifestyle blogs enough new content to last for years.

Or what about the $183,000 study of China’s rural migrant workers, which will “demonstrate unequivocally that love and romance are far from ‘trivial’ for these individuals”? The mind boggles.

A particular favourite, however, is the $333,000 history of… opinion polls. Not only can our day-to-day life be blighted by the constant pressures of short-termist, poll-driven politicians, now we get to fork out for the privilege of watching their corrosive impact over the last 75 years too!

Your tax dollars at work.

William Shrubb

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