Posted: 11:09 am on 24th April 2013

One area WasteWatch will be exploring with interest are Australian Research Council (ARC) grants for our academics.

The ARC is supposed to fund research that is going to deliver ‘cultural, economic, social and environmental benefits to all Australians’ but a number of projects have left us scratching our heads.

One grant we found is to send an archeologist to the South Pacific island of Vanuatu (at a cost of $350,000 over three years) to look at the remains of Christian missions.  The abstract follows:

“The remains of Christian missions in southern Vanuatu are important heritage sites for local communities, and for their place in world history as part of one of the final frontiers of European colonialism. This project explores these sites to produce a new picture of everyday life that includes the perspectives of missionaries and native people.”

We are not 100% sure that this project is the best use of Australian taxpayer dollars.  You can get more details about the grant on page 104 of this list.

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