Posted: 10:01 am on 10th September 2013

Chocolate(2)First it was Chiko rolls, now it’s chocolate. After years of somewhat sour politics, Tony Abbott seems determined to sweeten things up a little.

The new Prime Minister recently promised that the Coalition would contribute $16 million towards ‘factory upgrades’ in the Cadbury factory nestled in Claremont, in Hobart’s north.

The announcement must have been received with a few snickers by the Coalition’s small government supporters, but Mr Abbott said the move was just a boost for the Tasmanian economy, and wasn’t the first in a series of all-sorts of corporate welfare arrangements:

Occasionally, I think it’s necessary to offer help… Tasmania has the lowest wages, the lowest GDP per head, the lowest life expectancy, the lowest education attainment and the highest unemployment of any state by far in our Commonwealth. If we are determined to be one nation, not some states skyrocketing, others that are languishing, we’ve got to be prepared to make these investments.

With $50 million of private investment on its way, and Cadbury’s raking in profits of about $170 million every year, WasteWatch wonders whether the Coalition’s bounty is really such a good idea.

With the election over and the Coalition in government, WasteWatch really hopes the Coalition’s latest example of corporate welfare is not a (mal)teaser of what’s to come.

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