Posted: 1:56 pm on 10th February 2014

Remember last year when Tony Abbott decided to sweeten the tone of federal politics by investing $16 million in Cadbury’s Tasmanian operations?

It turns out the Tasmanian government is anxious not to be left behind when it comes to corporate welfare.

But Lara Giddings and her cabinet appear to have slightly different tastes from Mr Abbott.

The Tasmanian government has recently decided to spend $100,000 of taxpayer money on advertising for the Tasmanian whiskey and cider industries.

No doubt Sullivans Cove, Tasmania Distillery, and Nant Distillery all already do their own advertising.

Presumably, so do Inn Cider, Lost Pippin, Frank’s Cider, Lark Distillery, and Seven Sheds.

Although the Coalition government recently rejected SPC Ardmona’s request for $25 million, the Tasmanian government’s decision shows corporate welfare is alive and well in Australia.

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