Posted: 10:00 am on 12th November 2013

puppyWhen you think of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, do you imagine your tax dollars are going towards intense negotiation sessions over the latest free trade agreement?

Or towards consular staff working round the clock to help Australian gappies find medical care for their latest tubing injuries?

Or towards desks and desks and desks of public servants in Canberra poring over secret satellite images of North Korea and Iran?

Or do you imagine your tax dollars go towards buying Labrador Retriever puppies for export to Japan?

If you picked the last option, dear reader, you win!

In July this year, DFAT gave $16, 500 of your money to Guide Dogs Queensland for the provision of 10 puppies, who will be given to the Japan Guide Dog Association, in the hope that this will:

support the Japanese Guide Dog Association and strengthen the mutual success and growth of both the Australian and Japanese guide dog schools.

DFAT: promoting Australia’s interests, one untrained Labrador puppy at a time.

Your tax dollars at work!

William Shrubb, Research Assistant, WasteWatch

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