Posted: 1:13 pm on 26th May 2015

surfingThe grommets are taking over!

WasteWatch recently brought to your attention the support given to the ‘emerging Australia-China surfing industry’ by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

It turns out that China isn’t the only country in the sights of DFAT’s new gnarly public servants.

The department has recently spent even more of your money – $29,000, in fact – on Peruvian surfers.

Thanks to this grant, two young, disadvantaged Peruvian surfers will be included in the Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich series of surf camps in Peru, being coached and guided by a Peruvian world surfing champion.

From the terms of the grant, it doesn’t sound like any Australians will be involved in the process. The young surfers will not come to Australia, nor will they be taught by any Australians.

What, then, is Australia’s interest in these two young surfers?

If we are so dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth in Peru — a cause WasteWatch is happy to support — is sending two of them to surf camp the best way to do it?

What do you think?

William Shrubb

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