Posted: 5:20 pm on 12th May 2015

selfieThey used to be called self-portraits.

Rembrandt did one.

So did Van Gogh.

And then, unfortunately, the smartphone generation caught on.

The ‘selfie‘ craze – where a smartphone holder contorts themselves suddenly in the middle of a footpath, or at a restaurant, or during a pretty sunset, to pout at their screen – is the reason that all contemporary photos look like iterations of Sir William Beechey‘s famous portrait of Horatio Nelson: only one hand is ever visible.

Every sensible person in the world, including WasteWatch of course, is bent on banishing the selfie, sending it back to whatever cave in Hell it first crawled out of.

And yet, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is refusing to pull its weight.

Not only that, they are actively supporting the selfie, to the tune of more than $50,000.

That’s right, your tax dollars are being given to the Institute of Tourism at Queensland’s Griffith University for the purpose of:

Facilitating cross-cultural understanding through “selfie tourism.”

Still feel like filling out your tax return correctly in a couple of months?

William Shrubb

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