Posted: 1:58 pm on 31st March 2015

Renovation Anyone who’s ever done renovations knows the feeling.

“Why is it not finished yet? You said it would be done two months ago.”

The possible reasons are endless: bad weather, the plumber hasn’t finished his bit yet, the  supplier ran out of material, my mate’s girlfriend’s babysitter is getting married, the moon is in  Aries, and so on and so forth.

Our Prime Minister’s experience is no different, it seems.

Renovations to the Lodge are now running at least a year behind schedule, and when somebody asked the Finance Department to explain this little slip-up, which has almost doubled the estimated cost of the renovations, the Department printed off 980 pages of explanation.

It could have been much worse though.

The Department’s original planned response to the Freedom of Information request about the renovation delays was set to cost the inquirer nearly $68,000 in administration fees.

Amending the FOI request  to get documents just from the last year brought the cost down to under $4,000, and led to the whopping 980-page-explanation.

Finance Department officials estimated that 190 hours would be spent on the request.

We can only imagine the number of hours and pages that would have come out of the original $68,000 inquiry.

Good to see so much time and effort being spent on the important things in life!

William Shrubb

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