Posted: 2:27 pm on 19th June 2013

The Australian Financial Review reported yesterday that the government, for some reason, has decided to duplicate existing state government regulatory processes at the federal level:

The Gillard government has conceded that new environmental regulations to require federal approval of coal seam gas and coal projects will essentially duplicate state assessments.

The government also said it would not try and extend these changes to shale gas. The changes, requiring federal assessment of the impact of coal seam gas and coal projects on water, will cost the government $10 million a year to employ 50 new staff.

That’s right.  Taxpayers are going to cough up $10 million a year and pay for 50 new public servants in order to do something they are already paying for through the taxes they pay to the states.

While this case is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to federal/state duplication (the federal departments of health and education being the two prime examples) it is hard to believe that in the current fiscal environment tha obvious cases of waste and duplication are still being created.


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