Posted: 1:49 pm on 31st July 2013

Here at WasteWatch, we have already brought you the good news about the various Australian governments anxious to pour millions of dollars into Holden’s hungry maw.

Surprise, surprise, Holden is not the only one suckling at the teat of corporate welfare. The Automotive New Markets Program, a joint Federal-Victoria-South Australia program, is designed to help automotive supply chain companies diversify their customer base and product range.

The program has helped fund plenty of good ideas. For instance, the Australian branch of engineering company Bosch was given $500 000 for the development of more effective ‘back-over avoidance systems’, those reversing cameras and parking sensors designed to pick up small obstacles, like young children.

Similarly, MtM Auto was given $400 000 to help kit out a manufacturing plant in Victoria for the production of Tomcars, a popular all-terrain vehicle originally developed by the Israeli Defence Forces, which has proven popular with farmers and miners as well.

However, Senator Kim Carr, the new minister in charge of the program, must have some different priorities.

Victoria-based Palm Products has recently received $360 000 for the development of….. a Coffee Travel Cup! Not just any coffee travel cup, mind you. This is an extra-special, Marc Newson-designed, apparently unbreakable coffee travel cup. And lest you think this is too high a price for a coffee travel cup, the grant will help Palm Products build a child-sized version too.

Word on the street is the Government would like to see an add-on to make drinking coffee easier for faceless men, who have hitherto found consumption difficult. Men in blue ties have also been identified as a target market.

So rest assured, you busy parents of Australia with your mochachino-sipping children in tow, Senator Carr has got your back!

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