Posted: 5:18 pm on 11th May 2015

LoveIf your relationship is on the rocks, don’t stress! The relationship wizards, otherwise known as, the federal government and the Australian Research Council (ARC) are here to fix it.

A $223,838  University of Western Sydney project funded by the Australian Research Council aims to study and compare different relationships to provide insight into why some thrive and others fail. No . . . apparently falling in and out of love is not a natural part of life.

You would think ARC might have thought twice about this grant after the government’s abortive attempt to help smooth love’s progress.  The failed Couple Counselling Scheme had only 4233 couples take up the $200 voucher.  It worked out that when the program was closed down in Jan 2015 each voucher cost the taxpayer $603 in administration costs!

We understand that couples with a greater degree of happiness and stability provide a better environment for their children. Correct! It is a no-brainer. Perhaps the government should focus on relieving the pressure placed on couples by the rising costs of living as opposed to philosophical research into the nature of relationships.


Katie Wilson

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