Posted: 9:01 am on 19th May 2015

surfingWe all know Prime Minister Tony Abbott is a keen surfer.

Less well-known is the fact that Foreign Affairs Minister, Julie Bishop, must also be a fan.

WasteWatch can’t think of any other explanation for the $16,500 of your money that the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has given to a Gold Coast surfing industry group for ‘strategies for developing global alliances in the emerging Australia-China surfing industry’.

WasteWatch didn’t even know there was an ‘emerging Australia-China surfing industry.’

If you’re surprised to find ‘China’ and ‘surfing’ in the same sentence, you’re not alone.

It seems the Chinese surfing scene is not yet at the same level as the Gold Coast, or Southern California. A few years ago, Brendan Sheridan, an American surfing apostle living in China, told Surfer magazine that

‘When I got [there] in 2006, there were only one or two Chinese surfers. Now there are a good 25.’

Seems like a promising start. If his figures are correct, DFAT has contributed nearly $700 per surfer.

Definitely a foreign affairs priority!

William Shrubb

will says:

This reminds me of that study that was funded all those years ago by the federal govt, or the NSW govt (cant remember which one) for designing a surfboard especially for pregnant women.

theres seems to be no end to the stupidity that this govt will waste our money on.

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