Posted: 8:59 am on 29th November 2013

moneyEarlier this year, WasteWatch brought you news of the $5.5 million of your money spent advertising the Schoolkids Bonus, which was automatically paid to recipients of the Family Tax Benefit A anyway, and the $8 million advertising campaign to tell Australians that the Childcare Rebate was not means-tested.

Now the Coalition has racked up its first tax advertising campaign.

Before the recent federal election, the Rudd government announced a massive 60% increase in tobacco taxes, designed to return the budget to surplus, and raise the cost of cigarettes to discourage smoking.

Despite then opposition leader Tony Abbott’s comments “let’s not listen to this palaver about health – it’s all about revenue,” after the Coalition won on September 7, Joe Hockey announced that the incoming Abbott government would keep the tax increase.

However, they won’t just keep it, they’ll brag about it too.

It turns out the federal Department of Health and Ageing has spent $110,000 of your money on “creative services for the Tobacco Excise campaign.”

In other words, they’re spending your money in order to advertise to you that they’re taxing you more.

Your tax dollars at work!

William Shrubb, Research Assistant, WasteWatch

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