Posted: 2:40 pm on 21st May 2014

preparing foodThe Australian National Preventative Health Agency (a.k.a. the Nanny) has been in WasteWatch’s sights recently.

This time it turns out they’ve been using nearly $200,000 of your money to develop a cookbook.

Some of the recipes are real killers. For instance, the baked beans on toast one is pretty complicated.

Ditto the chicken and avo sarnie.

Or how about the one entitled “Daily Snack – banana and yoghurt“? Can you guess what’s in it? Yep, bananas and yoghurt and… milk! Bet you didn’t expect that last one.

You can tell why it cost nearly $200,000 to develop.

WasteWatch wonders how much it cost to develop the National Heart Foundation’s healthy recipe collection. Or the Body+Soul one. Or the one. Or…

Actually, WasteWatch wonders why another (taxpayer-funded) healthy meals cookbook is needed at all.

William Shrubb, Research Assistant

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