Posted: 10:30 am on 21st January 2014

obesityObesity is big business these days, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Remember the $80,000 of your money given to a Victorian consulting firm last year for “research on inactive youth”?

No, WasteWatch didn’t think so.

You might have gotten it mixed up with the National Physical Activity Survey. Or any of these three surveys:

Then there’s the six reports from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare between 2007 and 2010. Or the five from the federal Department of Health between 1999 and 2009.

Of course you’d get them mixed up. After all, it’s hard to keep track of the number, time and money gone into these reports. And their conclusions are often hard to tell apart.

But just in case you weren’t satisfied with the evidence that obesity is a health challenge in Australia, and that physical activity is a great way of combating the problem, the NSW Government has helpfully forked out nearly $4 million for yet another report.

This one will:

undertake research in physical activity, nutrition and obesity, link that research to policy and practice, and monitor and evaluate population health policies and programs.

No, WasteWatch fails to see how this is different from the other umpteen reports that have gone before.

Anyone care to take a bet on what the report will say?

William Shrubb, Research Assistant, WasteWatch

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