Posted: 3:02 pm on 12th December 2014

sausage-sizzle-pictureA time-honoured plank of Australian culture is under threat in New South Wales.

The ancient sausage-sizzle-after-Saturday-sport tradition (“such stuff as dreams are made on”) is firmly in the sights of the NSW Health Department.

Having signed on to the Healthy Eating and Active Living Strategy 2013-2018, the latest in a series of obesity reports and plans, the Department clearly feels obliged to throw good money after bad.

The latest spending is a $165,000 contract for a “digital media strategy” for the Department’s big new idea: the Finish with the Right Stuff campaign.

This campaign is designed to encourage sports clubs across the state to stop offering sausage sizzles after sports games, and provide tofu, quinoa, activated almonds and goji berries at reduced prices instead.

So even while the Australian National Preventative Health Agency (one of WasteWatch’s favourite targets) slips gradually into the Great Public Service in the Sky, the fight will continue.

Sausage sizzlers, unite! You have nothing to lose but your nannies!

William Shrubb, Research Assistant

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