Posted: 10:00 am on 24th April 2014

money-airWasteWatch readers are no strangers to the Australian National Preventative Health Agency.

First, there was the $451,000 contract for one lucky Perth company to have a few beers at the taxpayer’s expense.

Next, there was the ANPHA’s brief dalliance with boy band One Direction, which included more taxpayer-funded pop merchandise than WasteWatch will ever be comfortable with.

Finally, there was the ANPHA’s $30,000 attempt to make the website for their anti-binge-drinking ‘Be the Influence’ campaign prettier. Anecdotal evidence suggests that Australians responded by going home, cracking a cold one, and shaking their heads at their government.

Well, the resilient ANPHA is undeterred. Recently, it has spent another $40,000 of your money on graphic design, including further attempts to beautify their website.

Perhaps this time Australians will listen to them. Or perhaps the ANPHA is just like any other nanny: completely unnecessary for adults.

William Shrubb, Research Assistant

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