Posted: 4:53 pm on 14th May 2013

Following on from our revelations about the $54k crab bridge, we have uncovered a government tender to fix up the electrical wires at the Christmas Island Golf Club for around $47k.

Wastewatch loves its golf, and we welcome the fact that Christmas Islanders seem to like golf too.

While we are confident that the main users of Christmas Island’s golf course are members of the Australian Public Service (who are hosting boat arrivals), we do not think rewiring the Christmas Island Golf Club should be the financial responsibility of the Commonwealth government.

We think the cost of this retrofit should be paid for by the golfers themselves through green fees and memberships, rather than the Australian taxpayer who is already paying for these golfing public servants’ salaries.

Hugh Nankivell says:

The golf course is on crown land, and is incorporated within the Christmas Island National Park. It is available to all. All work on the course is carried out by volunteers. The Island has a vibrant community that are not public servants and not involved in boat arrivals. The golf course and National Park are among the very few examples of government assets where there is value to taxpayers. Please report on the billions wasted on immigration detention.

Hugh Nankivell says:

Quite apart from the ineffectiveness of the detention system, there are many specific examples of gold-plating, profiteering, and outright corruption in the use of taxpayers money on Christmas Island. New power station we didn’t need, new water supply we didn’t need, profiteering in aviation fuel shipping and storage, food services to detention centre, fuel supply to Navy, charter flights carrying handful of passengers just for starters.

Alan Thornton says:

Christmas Island Golf Club was formed in 1955 by a group of volunteers and has been run by volunteers for the use of the Christmas Island community since. The land and building belong to the Commonwealth and are allocated to community recreation. The wiring of the club house was identified as being in a dangerous state and have now been repaired. The club is now available for community use such as the community music night scheduled for 9th of August. Anyone living on Christmas Island knows that the public servants working in the Immigration area are so busy they have no chance of playing golf.

Peter Griggs says:

The golf course has been in existance since 1955.It has always been maintained by dedicated local volunteers and is a non profit organisation.The writer of this article should get their facts correct before slandering the residents of Christmas Island. The building at the golf course is a commonwealth building and would continue to be a safety hazard for all of the community that use it for various social functions if this re-wiring is not completed.This is the first time in 58 years that any commonwealth monies have been spent at the golf course.Your confident assertion that the golf club is primarily being used by Australian Public Servants hosting bost arrivals is incorrect and once again shows the absolute ignorance of mainland commentators regarding the local community of Christmas Island.Perhaps you obtained your facts from the ex-mayor of Maroochydore who thinks the island should be sold to Indonesia to pay for her shires recreation centre.The golf club which is public welcomes anyone who wishes to play or use the facilities, it is a pity that the public servants you mention do not make use of the golf club and course.If they did become involved the extra funds would help to pay for some badly needed equipment.For your info refugees have been using the facility for 3 years for their outings from the detention centre to do various classes.Because the course is situated next to the national park various groups use the clubs facilities during the year for a base camp for educational studies. This is all free of charge which is probably difficult for the writer of the article to understand but this volunteer spirit is the way the local residents of Christmas Island.

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