Posted: 12:27 pm on 26th June 2014

crab_bridgeChristmas Island’s $54,000 crab bridge caused a bit of a stir when WasteWatch wrote about it early last year.

Readers from opposite ends of the crab spectrum offered their thoughts.

“It’s easy to sneer at actions taken to protect other species, but it is necessary to protect biodiversity and, ultimately, own our survival,” wrote one.

“I think someone should sponsor a crab boil fundraiser on the other side of the bridge,” wrote another.

Well, WasteWatch is going to stir the pot again.

See, the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development has recently spent another $11,000 repairing the crab’s transit routes.

Do you think this a useful way of spending taxpayer money?

Those lucky crabs already received four concrete ground crossings back in 2011 for a whopping $230,000 (thanks, taxpayers!), and a fence for $160,000.

Let the hunger games begin…

William Shrubb, Research Assistant

P Dudley says:

Not a waste of money at all. I can think of other things on Christmas Island that our squandering our taxpayer dollars which far exceed the building of this bridge.

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