Posted: 9:55 am on 5th September 2013

220px-MCG_stadiumKevin Rudd seems to have a fascination with sport this election. Perhaps it is just insecurity. His chin-up routine does need some work, and he has recently copped some flak on the campaign trail for re-enacting former Prime Minister John Howard’s ‘morning constitutional’.

However, WasteWatch wonders if insecurity is a good enough reason for the Prime Minister’s decision to spend $15 million of your money on ‘detailed design work’ for the proposed Stadium Northern Australia in Townsville.

Perhaps it’s also lucky that the stadium is to be built in the marginal seat of Herbert, which is held by the LNP member Ewen Jones by just 2.2%, and which the ALP desperately needs to win to avoid an electoral wipe-out.

Unluckily for Mr Rudd, a recent Galaxy poll conducted in a few marginal Queensland seats found the ALP trailing in Herbert by 10 points on a two-party preferred basis.

Even at $1.5 million per percentage point, the ALP might find this a tough fight.

This might be lucky for the Australian taxpayer though, as the $15 million gift was just the first round of funding sought from the Federal Government for the project. Townsville Enterprise, the corporation in charge of the development, wants $150 million from the government over the next five years, which would amount to more than half the cost of the project.

Someone should tell Kevin Rudd that there are cheaper ways to exercise.

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