Posted: 7:11 am on 14th April 2015


Canberra, we’re in trouble! Warnings from the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM) have urged Canberrans to ‘save their pennies’ in the wake of an ‘income recession’.

While everyday tax payers are expected to shoulder the burdens of financial discipline, it seems that the  ACT government’s Infrastructure Program isn’t too worried after spending over $60, 000 on promotional material in an attempt to ‘sell’ Capital Metro’s already unfavourable $826.7 million light rail project to the public.

Lucky Canberrans got a $11,320 on a cardboard tram, $5,684 on 2000 foam models, $8,300 on 2000 drink bottles with the Capital Metro Agency logo, a $29,000 pop up store and $10,000 on brochures.

Why is it, in a period of economic recession elected officials are spending lavishly on new projects? By duplicating rather than improving on existing infrastructure, the light rail simply limits that effectiveness of government spending on public transport.

So Canberrans, ask yourselves, if the light rail is such a viable public transport option, then why on earth do large amounts of money need to be invested in trying to ‘sell’ it to the public?  We will have to wait and see if the cardboard tram sold it to the politicians.  We can just see them tossing away their government cars.

Katie Wilson

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