Posted: 11:09 am on 16th July 2013

Labor, the Coalition and the Greens all favour the constitutional amendment to recognise local government. They think it would ‘streamline’ the relationship between the Commonwealth and local governments. Local government could get money directly from the Commonwealth, allowing them to bypass the states.

Here at WasteWatch, we think this is a recipe of profligate local governments, aided and abetted by the Commonwealth government. Without the states applying the necessary brakes local governments would spend up big.

In fact, local governments are already wasting your tax dollars. Here’s just one example:

The Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities awarded a $20,000  grant to Rockdale City Council in Sydney to create an official visitors’ guide to the ‘rare and endangered modernist fibro houses’ in the Monterey area.

According to Charles Pickett, writing for the website of Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum,

…the fibro house is the most distinctive expression of Australian domestic architecture.

That’s right, local governments think your hard-earned is worth spending to educate visitors of the wonders of the ‘iconic’ asbestos-laden houses that dotted the pre-WWII suburban landscape, such as this one here:

Fibro house

We at WasteWatch beg to differ on the artistic and cultural merits of fibro (not to mention health impacts). But that’s beside the point.

This is just another example of mindless government waste. Perhaps a taste of what’s to come after the referendum.

CIS Podcast ep 13 – week ending 19 July 2013 | CIS Waste Watch says:

[…] This week’s WasteWatch post discusses the monument to middle class Australia the fibro house and the government’s attempts to make fibro into a tourist attraction. […]

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