Posted: 5:12 pm on 8th August 2013

Episode 16 – produced for the week ending 9th of August 2013



Tax reform – smaller government means less taxation

Week 1 of The Australian election in context

with Robert Carling and Jeremy Sammut



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This week on the CIS Podcast we are joined by CIS taxation expert Robert Carling to talk about his latest report, and Jeremy Sammut puts the election into context.


Tax reform – smaller government and lower taxes – Robert Carling discusses his suggestions for reforming taxes and explains some of the economic benefits of not only replacing existing taxes with more efficient ones, but cutting the overall tax burden. We also discuss the proposals to cut company tax rates and to change the GST.

The election week 1 – We look at the changes in the style of elections in Australia resulting from the 24 hour media cycle and discuss some of the key issues impacting both the Labor party and the Coalition.


This week’s WasteWatch post discusses a government funded coffee cup.

Further Reading

Robert Carling’s paper,  TARGET30: Shrink Taxation by Shrinking Government is available. You can also check out the shorter Snapshot version if you are pressed for time

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