Posted: 5:12 pm on 24th August 2013

Episode 18 – produced for the week ending 23rd of August 2013



Cuts or reforms to the public service

Leadership and vision in politics

Spending promises and TARGET30

with Alex Philipatos and Robert Carling


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This week on the CIS Podcast we are joined by CIS industrial relations expert Alex Philipatos to talk public sector workforce reform and Robert Carling to about the election.


Are cuts to the public sector reforms? We discuss the proposed cuts to the federal public sector and whether more substantive reforms on the nature of public sector work should be pursued instead.

This week on the election trail – Robert Carling talks about the need for vision and leadership, and why that is missing in today’s political environment and examines whether there are any real differences in policy between the major parties.

TARGET30 and election spending – Simon Cowan looks at proposed election spending and how the election campaign might effect TARGET30 and the role of government in society.


This week’s WasteWatch post discusses political advertising and who really was the target of those ads in major newspapers warning about the government’s PNG solution.


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