Posted: 8:20 am on 8th October 2013

Episode 23 – produced for the week ending 4 October 2013



Government shutdown in the United States, and

Holden seeking another taxpayer bailout,

with Robert Carling, Ben Herscovitch and Will Shrubb,

produced by Matt O’Connell


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This week on the CIS Podcast we are joined by CIS fiscal policy expert Robert Carling to talk about the government shutdown in the US, Ben Herscovitch for another Radio Free China segment and WasteWatch vigilante Will Shrubb brings us up to speed on funding for the arts in Canberra.


Government shutdown in the US – a victory for smaller government or the squabbling of children | We discuss the failure of the US government to fund its ongoing activities and whether the shutdown is likely to continue.

Holden seeks another handout | We look at the recent meeting in Adelaide between the new Federal Industry Minister, Ian Macfarlane and Holden and discuss whether another bailout package for Holden can possibly be justified.

Radio Free China | This week Radio Free China looks at Chinese Government attempts to crack down on social media in the second part of a three part series on the rule of law in China.


This week’s WasteWatch segment returns to the arts funding in Canberra and discusses some of the more interesting projects funded by the government that gave you the Hindenboob.



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