Posted: 4:08 pm on 11th October 2013

Episode 24 – produced for the week ending 11 October 2013



The politics of teaching struggling kids how to read, and

Politicians expenses – scandal or not?

with Jen Buckingham, Jeremy Sammut and Ben Herscovitch,

produced by Matt O’Connell


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This week on the CIS Podcast we are joined by CIS education expert Jen Buckingham to talk about her latest piece on the politics of teaching kids to read, Jeremy Sammut also stops by the Podcast studio to debate the ongoing saga of politicians and their entitlements, and Ben Herscovitch ends his three part Radio Free China segment on the rule of law in China.


Ideology vs evidence; why are policy makers ignoring the evidence of how to teach reading to struggling kids | We discuss the exclusion of phonics from the array of tools used to teach kids to read and discuss why policy makers and academics continue to ignore the scientific evidence of what helps struggling readers.

Politicians expenses; snouts in the trough or are they reasonable | We disagree on the merits of politicians claiming taxpayer funds for attending social events like weddings and discuss whether there is a better way to avoid these scandals.

Radio Free China | This week Radio Free China looks at whether there will ever be rule of law in China under the Communist Party.


This week’s WasteWatch segment discusses how research organisations have grown fat producing reports about obesity in Australia.

Further Reading

Jen Buckingham’s Policy article – Why Jaydon can’t read - the triumph of ideology over evidence in teaching reading

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