Posted: 3:03 pm on 25th October 2013

Episode 26 – produced for the week ending 25 October 2013



Does the Coalition government mean Gonski is goneski?

Social cohesion and multiculturalism

Debt ceilings, deficits and the Commission of Audit

With Jen Buckingham and Will Shrubb, produced by Matt O’Connell


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This week on the CIS Podcast we are joined by CIS education expert Jen Buckingham to talk about funding and Will Shrubb casts his cynical eye over government spending.


Is Gonski now goneski? | Jen Buckingham, CIS education expert joins us to look at the implication of the Better Schools funding package. Conceived by the previous government as a result of their Gonski review, will the Coalition government change the playground for school funding?

Social cohesion and multiculturalism | We discuss the upcoming CIS event on the Scanlon foundation’s Mapping Social Cohesion report.

Debt and deficits – challenges for the Coalition government | We look at this week’s twin announcements that the debt ceiling will be raised to $500 billion in the next few weeks, and that a commission of audit will be established with a wide ambit to look into the role of government in Australia.


This week’s WasteWatch segment discusses formative research into binge drinking and how much that might cost.

Upcoming events

New federal Treasurer, Joe Hockey, will set out the economic policy framework for the Coalition government at a special CIS event on 8 November 2013. Tickets are available at our website for this terrific opportunity to get an insight into the new government.


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