Posted: 3:15 pm on 8th November 2013

Episode 27 – produced for the week ending 8 November 2013



Chiselling away at God

What to do about the car industry

Australian spy games

With Nick Cater and Trisha Jha, produced by Matt O’Connell


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This week on the CIS Podcast we are joined by author and CIS adjunct scholar Nick Cater to talk about a recent column of his and Trisha Jha looks at Australia’s efforts at espionage.


Chiselling away at God | Last week in The Australian, Nick Cater drew attention to the decision to remove the phrase ‘known unto God’ from the tomb of the unknown soldier, and public backlash saw that decision overturned. He and (Reverend) Peter Kurti discuss the implications of the debate over God.

(Yet another) Review into the car industry | Resident CIS industry policy expert Simon Cowan talks about the terms of reference for the Productivity Commission’s report into the future of car industry studies and we cast a discerning eye over recent reports implying economic doom if Australia lets the industry fail.

Australia and Espionage | We look at recent national security revelations regarding Huawei and the NBN and Australian co-ordination of spying in south east Asia and Trish Jha takes us through some of the national security implications.


This week’s WasteWatch segment discusses some rather expensive coffee tables.


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