Posted: 9:52 am on 18th July 2013

The election is getting close, and the vote buying is just beginning.

Over the next few months before the election, whenever that may be, watch the waste pile up as politicians attempt to secure votes with the public purse.

Tony Abbott has kicked off the promise competition in Tasmania with his pledge to set aside $1.3 million of federal funds to upgrade Invermay Park in Launceston.

According to Abbott,

‘Sporting groups need playable grounds, and strong sporting groups are a vital part of local communities’ Mr Abbott said.

‘I know as a former health minister that widespread sporting participation makes our communities healthier, and this commitment will help the sporting clubs of Launceston.’

He even invoked great Aussie cricket captain Ricky Ponting to sell his message:

‘Invermay Park is where Ricky Ponting played his first years of cricket and let’s hope it will be the home of even more Australian sporting greats in the years ahead’

Not surprisingly, Bass is a key marginal seat the Coalition hopes to secure with the election of Andrew Nikolic.

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