Posted: 11:04 am on 29th January 2014

Kevin_RuddKevin Rudd’s impending departure from federal Parliament will leave different readers with different reactions.

Certainly, he has produced some good material for WasteWatch, such as his approach to Australia’s infrastructure problems, the similarities between Kevin and Evel Knievel, or the roll-call of Kevin’s napkin-based policy ideas.

In thanks for all this help, WasteWatch thought we would have a look at how much the Feb 8 by-election in Griffith will cost the Australian taxpayer.

As a sort of farewell gift, or something.

So: the advertising budget is $22,000 so far.┬áBut there’s more!

Postal voting will set the taxpayer back about $15,000, while postage alone will cost $26,000.

Finally, the Australian Electoral Commission is trialling an electronic electoral roll again, at a cost to the taxpayer of nearly $200,000.

While WasteWatch is not a maths genius, and it is necessary to fund the cost of elections, all this adds up to a fair amount of money. Or maybe it’s just a rounding error for the public service that grew so significantly under Mr Rudd’s stewardship.

Either way, WasteWatch will be sorry to see such a rich mine of material gone.

Thank goodness Kim Carr is still around…

William Shrubb, Research Assistant, WasteWatch

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