Posted: 9:02 am on 5th November 2013

airplaneWasteWatch has previously told you all about pollies flying high at the Australian taxpayer’s expense.

Now it seems the public service is getting in on the action!

IP Australia, those folk in charge of our patents and trademarks and so on, have forked out nearly $20,000 to send one lucky mandarin to the University of Oxford in May next year.

The lucky mandarin is to attend the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme at the prestigious Saïd Business School.

The Australian taxpayer will graciously cover his or her accommodation costs, meal costs, and coffee costs (almost certainly a winner in a public service that takes its coffee breaks this seriously!).

The lucky mandarin will also have the opportunity to enjoy a “candlelit dinner at one of Oxford’s stunning colleges.”

In return, all he or she will have to do is sit through a few leadership seminars.

But it gets better, dear reader!

In case these seminars get a bit too much for the poor Humphrey Appleby wannabe, they are interspersed with “experiential sessions such as music, theatre, and poetry,” which are “all used to bring new perspectives to the narrative of leadership.”

So, to recap: the Australian taxpayer is paying nearly $20,000 to fly a mandarin to Oxford, pay for his or her coffee breaks, candlelit dinners, and experiential poetry sessions, and in return we get… what exactly?

Your tax dollars at work!

William Shrubb, Research Assistant, WasteWatch

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