Posted: 9:00 am on 23rd July 2014

money-airAt a time when the Abbott government has refused pay rises and banned back-pay for new public service enterprise agreements, some lucky mandarins are laughing all the way to the bank.

The Rudd-Gillard governments began phasing out the public service bonuses brought in by the Howard government, but they didn’t completely finish the job. Some public servants still get end-of-year bonuses, like many of their private sector counterparts.

And a lucky few really cleaned up last year. According to The Sydney Morning Herald:

One executive level 2 public servant — a job usually held by a middle manager or a specialist — received a huge bonus of $482,069.

That wasn’t the biggest:

One SES band 2 officer — typically a senior executive who oversaw several hundred staff — was given a huge $633,216 bonus last year.

Bonus payments were to be phased out by the Rudd-Gillard governments over concerns that they were affecting the quality of advice provided by the public service.

WasteWatch hopes these two lucky mandarins were providing some pretty darn good advice, to walk away with about twenty times the average Australian’s yearly income in (taxpayer-funded) bonuses.

William Shrubb, Research Assistant

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