Posted: 10:46 am on 10th March 2014

failThis will be the last update on the AEC’s WA Senate mistake, WasteWatch promises!

At first, WasteWatch thought the cost to the taxpayer of that little error was just over half-a-million dollars.

Then, a little while later, another $209,000 in market research popped up.

Now, a staggering half-a-million dollars has been added to the price-tag in a little over a week.

This includes:

—  nearly $160,000 for the preparation and despatch of campaign advertising materials;

—  $55,000 for the printing of a certified copy of the electoral roll;

—  nearly $224,000 for the ‘deployment’ of an electronic version of the certified copy of the electoral roll;

—  $11,000 for IT support for the registration of blind and low-vision voters;

—  and (WasteWatch’s favourite) nearly $12,000 for disposable bibs for polling station officials.

This brings the (possibly) final cost of the mistake to well over $1 million.

For WasteWatch’s sake (and the taxpayers’), we hope this figure doesn’t continue to swell!

William Shrubb

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