Posted: 9:00 am on 30th April 2014

failYes, yes, we did promise this would be the last update on the AEC’s WA Senate mistake.

But WasteWatch just can’t let sleeping dogs lie. Or lying dogs sleep. Or something. Anyway, we’re very sorry for lying to you.

We’ve had to write another post because the cost to the taxpayer has simply soared since our last one.

For instance, there’s been a $276,924 hit to the Australian taxpayer for rental of “off-site premises.”

And two advertising bills: one for $75,863.72, and one for $1,686,300.

And more than $12,000 for parking.

And, of course, nearly $35,000 for more “market research.”

There are plenty more, some for casual labour hire, others for more premises or printing. All up, over $3 million has been added to the taxpayer’s bill.

“Oops” indeed.

William Shrubb, Research Assistant

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