Posted: 9:47 am on 9th January 2014

failRemember that awkward moment after last year’s federal election when the Australian Electoral Commission forgot where it put 1,375 Western Australians’ votes?

Well, it turns out  – unsurprisingly, really – that that was sort of an expensive mistake.

And, of course, the Australian taxpayer got lumped with the cost.

First up, the AEC is paying Swinburne University of Technology nearly $20,000 of your money to conduct a review of the academic literature surrounding electoral fraud.

But the money hemorrhaging doesn’t stop there.

The Commission also forked out $52,250 of your money for Mick Keelty’s one-month inquiry.

Finally, the Commission has signed a $450,000 contract with the Australian Government Solicitors for provision of legal services, some, if not all, of which was probably directed to the High Court challenge to the WA Senate results.

That brings the total cost to the Australian taxpayer of the AEC’s mistake to over half a million dollars.

You could buy every person in South Australia a McDonalds soft serve cone for that kind of money. WasteWatch isn’t really sure which option would be a better use of the money…

William Shrubb, Research Assistant, WasteWatch

Oops | CIS Waste Watch says:

[…] At first, WasteWatch thought the cost to the taxpayer of that little error was just over half-a-million dollars. […]

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