Posted: 4:00 pm on 26th April 2015

money-airRemember when it cost the Australian taxpayer $195,000 to change the name of the then Department of Immigration and Citizenship to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection?

Well, after the 2013 federal election, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry decided to get in on the action, shortening its name to just the Department of Agriculture.

The change was part of an admirable – in WasteWatch’s opinion – move by the incoming government to simplify ministerial titles, and, according to the Prime Minister:

Get away from this idea that unless you have a minister with your specific interest in his or her specific title that there is going to be any lack of concern.

However, it can be a costly shift, and its ramifications are still being felt two years on.

See, Agriculture recently spent $30,000 of your money editing all their existing DVDs just to update their name, amongst other things.

Given that the name change occurred almost twenty months ago now, WasteWatch wonders how often these DVDs are actually being used.

A sensible use of your tax dollars?

William Shrubb

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