Posted: 9:00 am on 8th July 2014

money-airThe West Australian Auditor-General’s office has just released a report about Government Funded Advertising.

Among the fun facts to emerge was the news that our western cousins spent “at least $45 million” of taxpayer money on media places for government advertising campaigns in just two years.

However, that doesn’t cover the cost of developing the campaigns. The report estimates these development costs at about 30% of the final figure, which means the total cost to the WA taxpayer is more like $65 million.

Another fact to emerge was that calendar slip-ups can be pretty costly.

The Department of Premier and Cabinet in WA is supposed to sign off on all advertising campaigns for “core government agencies.”

Someone must have erred with their calendar, though, because two major advertising campaigns were discovered to be scheduled to air in Perth at the same time.

To avoid the problem, DPC requested scheduling changes one week before the campaigns were due to launch, incurring a cancellation fee of $133,000.

William Shrubb, Research Assistant

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